Problem: Give GenZ LGBTQ+ smokers who want to quit the confidence they need to quit 
Insight: GenZ has grown up in a society that wants quick results. Research has shown that from 20 minutes after your last cigarette, positive changes are already happening. 
Idea: Show GenZ how great life can be once they quit smoking 
Pride Week Launch
Fact: Your sense of smell starts to return after 48 hours of quitting smoking.
A rose tunnel installation will be presented at pride week. The whole tunnel will be covered in roses with one side having a faint rose scent, and the other side will have a more prominent smell. A barrier will be in the middle to divide the two sides.
Push Notifications
At certain time marks, they will be informed of the positive changes happening to the body.
Notifications to motivate them throughout their journey, sympathizing with the withdrawal symptoms that they may be experiencing.  
Chrome Extension
A chrome extension will be linked to the app to give the user the ability to check their progress throughout the day without having to look on their phone. 
This is perfect for those who work on their computer, as when they get stressed and crave a smoke break, they will be reminded of the progress they have made. 
Copywriter: Kelly Li
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