Did you know that 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your body is already going through good changes? For those who are impatient, let's remind them of the progress they've made. 
Pride Week Launch
With a tunnel filled with roses, let's show the difference that 48 hours can make to your sense of smell.
Attendees will experience a faint rose scent upon entrance. After going through the barrier in the middle, they will be met with a strong smell of fresh roses. 
Push Notifications
At each milestone, users will be notified of the positive changes happening to their body.
In addition, we'll continue to motivate users by sympathizing with their hardships. 
Chrome Extension
Linked to the Nicorette app, users can check their progress throughout the day from their computer. 
Perfect for those who crave a stress-relieving smoke break while working. 
Copywriter: Kelly Li
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